Last Thursday, July 24th, Nick Leyendecker and Sage Harvanko joined a group of friends at the reach for Ralph event benefiting Hammer Residences in Wayzata.

"Founded in 1923 by Alvina Hammer, Hammer was only one of two Minnesota organizations at that time to offer people with disabilities the opportunity to thrive in a school and home setting. Now, 90 years later, they remain true to Miss Hammer’s founding vision: we are a community of people who respect the individual’s abilities, whose collective spirit makes dreams come true and whose innovations continue to lead the way."

Inspired by the touching success stories of the people Hammer has helped and continues to help, Leyendecker Realty contributed a $1,000 donation to the cause.

Leyendecker Realty would like to thank Jim Bebo with ACI Asphalt for introducing us to this event and this great organization.

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